Creating a Manual Order

Wholesale Hero now has the ability to process manual orders :)

Assuming your setup progress is at 100% complete please see the following steps:

* The following example assumes we have a Discount Group named "Wholesale" which provides a 20% discount across the entire store.

1. Create a Draft Order from your Shopify Admin

In this example we have created a draft order consisting of a "Flaptop Backpack" and a customer tagged "Wholesale" assigned to the order.

2. Locate the Draft Order from Wholesale Hero

Log back into Wholesale Hero and click the Manual Orders button from the Wholesale Hero dashboard.

You will see a list of your open draft orders. Click into the draft order you'd like to update, for this example - the draft order we just created.

3. Update the Draft Order with discounted prices from Wholesale Hero

You will now see the Draft Order and the appropriately discounted prices for the customer. 

In this example we have the customer tagged Wholesale receiving a 20% discount.

Click Apply Prices to Draft Order to confirm the changes to the draft order. The app will then redirect you to the updated draft order. 

The draft order will now reflect the discounted prices. 

You can now also send an Email Invoice or accept a credit card to complete the order.

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