May 2017: New App Update!

We're super excited to announce our latest version of Wholesale Hero! We have a tonne of new updates ready to go!

In the past we've been limited to what we could offer in the app due to the limitations of the Shopify API. Shopify have released some awesome new updates and we've update the app accordingly! :)

New updates include the following:

  • The app no longer uses discount codes to provide wholesale discounts. Yay!
  • Custom shipping
  • Unlimited discounting - no maximum discount order can be reached now.
  • No more rounding of the final discounted figure - prices are now exact.
  • Detailed notes on how the wholesale order was processed.
  • See discounts per line item as opposed to a final discount price applied to the order.

Updating to the new version of the app.

1. Visit the settings page

2. Locate the app version section. If you're on the latest version of the app no worries! You're all good! If not - please follow the steps - we'll get you updated ASAP!

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