Setup Step 1: Adding a Discount Group

Here we'll create a simple discount group to get the ball rolling. In this example we want to offer a 30% discount across all of our products for customers tagged Wholesale.

1. Set the Discount Type

  • Set the Discount Type to Wholesale. You could also use any other term you like such as VIP or Gold. Please note that these are case sensitive.
  • Enter the percentage discount you would like to apply. Example: A 30% discount means a customer would pay $70 for a product that would regularly cost $100.


2. Set the products that will be discounted with this discount group.

Choose from the following:

  • Select the discount to be applied across the entire store
  • Select specific collections
  • Select specific products

3. Optional settings (Not Required)

You can optionally set minimum requirements needed before a discount can be applied. 

Examples include:

  • Set minimum quantities required for the discount to be activated
  • Set minimum cart total required for the discount to be activated
  • Set volume discounts if a customer spends a certain amount of money on an order.

A more breakdown of these options can be found here.

We're almost done!  Let's move onto the last step!

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