Setup Step 2: Adding Booster Apps as a Staff Member

You are almost done with the setup of the Wholesale Hero app installation. Just a few more steps and you're good to go!

To complete the installation of your Wholesale Hero app, we request that you add us as a Staff Member and add some basic permissions. This is to edit your theme to include our helper. Follow the steps below:

Step1. On your Shopify admin page, go to Settings then click Accounts

Step2. Scroll down to the Staff accounts section under Accounts and permissions and click Add staff account.

Step3. Enter Booster Apps and in the First Name and Last Name fields respectively. 

Step4. Enter in the Email field.

Step5. Make sure to uncheck the box that says This staff account will have full permissions.  

Step6. Grant us access to the following by checking the boxes: Orders, Draft Orders, Products, Customers, Apps and Themes

Step7. Click Send invite.

Step 8: 

Once the theme edit is complete - we will send an email to the main email address associated with your Shopify email.

Our email to let you know the theme edit is complete will be sent from

Please check your spam folder and if possible - whitelist our email address from your email account.

Theme updates can take up to 36 hours.

Here's a quick demo:

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