Setup Step 2: Adding Booster Apps as a Staff Member

To complete installation of Wholesale Hero we request that you add us as a Staff Member and add some basic permissions. This is to edit your theme to include our helper.

  1. On your Shopify admin page, click "Settings" -> "Account"  
  2. On the Staff members section, click "Add staff account".

  3. To add us :

    - Enter " Booster Apps" in the name field & in the Email field.
    - Uncheck the checkbox titled " This staff account will have full permissions".

  4. Limit access to the following, as per screenshot below :


    • Orders
    • Draft Orders
    • Products
    • Customers
    • Apps


    • Themes

  6. Click "Send Invite"

Yay! You're done - please hold tight! 

Once we complete your theme edit and activate Wholesale Hero for your store we'll get right back to you via email.

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