New User FAQS

Thank you for installing Wholesale Hero! Here are some of the most common questions we receive from new users. They all assume that you have received confirmation from us that installation has been completed :)

How can I test my discount groups?

After you create a new discount group we suggest using our test checklist page to make certain it is functioning correctly.

What's this --WH theme in my themes section?

This is our edited version of your theme. This theme must be published for the app to function correctly. Nothing design wise is changed - we just add some small helpers to your file to correctly display the correct prices to the correct discount group. If you decide to start afresh with a new theme for your store we will have to make an additional theme update to carry our Wholesale Hero changes across. More info can be found here.

How are discounts calculated?

Discounts are calculated from the product's "compare at price".

Need individual pricing rather than a % discount?

You can apply specific prices to products as opposed to a percentage discount using our individual pricing feature. This is exclusive to our premium plan. Upgrade to premium here


How Do I Hide Products?

It is possible to hide and show specific products to wholesale and/or regular customers.

Get in touch if you like us to enable the HIDE/SHOW function for your store.


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