Hiding products from certain discount groups

Making certain products available or unavailable for selected group of customers is possible using the Wholesale Hero app. It allows you to choose which products to show or hide to the specified group so that you can create the right balance between your discounts against your earnings.

Follow the steps below to learn how to hide or unhide products from specific group of customers:
Step1. In your Shopify admin, click Products from the Navigation bar.

Step2. Choose a product that you want to hide or unhide by clicking on the box beside it. In this example, we choose the Awesome Sneakers.

Step3. Click the Actions drop-down arrow and choose whether to make the product available or unavailable. In this example, we choose unavailable.

Step4. Go to Apps.

Step5. Click the Test button on the discount group.

Step6. Click Run Check.

Step7. Click the Login to your customer link to log in to your online store a customer.

You will now observe that the item you have hidden is not visible in the list of products.

Here's a couple of quick examples: 
  • A product tagged with Wholesale-HIDE will be hidden from customers tagged "Wholesale"
  • A product tagged with default-HIDE and Wholesale-SHOW will be only visible to customers tagged "Wholesale"

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