Creating an auto tag rule

1. What is an Auto Tag?

By an creating an auto tag you do not need to manually tag your customers for a particular discount group. 
Customers who meet the auto tag conditions you set are automatically tagged with the appropriate tag for that discount group.

 You can create auto tag conditions based upon:

  • Number of orders 
  • Total Amount Spent
  • Country
- You can also configure an automated confirmation e-mail that is sent to customers who trigger an auto tag.

2. How to create an Auto Tag

Here is an example:
We want a VIP tag to be automatically applied to customers who meet the following two rules: 
1. They are ordering from the United States
2. They have made more than 2 orders with the store.
  • Click on the Wholesale Hero App Page
  • In the Manage Auto Tag Rules section click the "Add an Auto Tag Rule" box.
STEP 2  
  • Select the Discount Group we want to apply the auto tag to.

We will select "VIP" 

  • We can select if a customer has to meet all or any of the conditions to be auto tagged.

We will select "All"


Now we select our rules via the drop down menus.
  • For our first rule : Select "Country" - "Is Equal to" -"United States" 
  • Then click "Add another condition"
  • For our second rule : Select "Number of Orders" - "Is greater than" - 2

It should look like this:

  STEP 4
We can select if the auto tag sends an automatic email to the customer who has been tagged informing them of their discount.
  • In the email settings section under :  "Send a customer an email when they are automatically tagged? 
  • Click "Enabled"

  • Enter your email title in the "subject" dialog box
  • Customize your email template
- Here is email the auto tagged customer has received :
  • Click the "Save Auto Tag Rule" box in the top right hand corner to activate your auto tag!


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