Can a user potentially abuse discount codes?


NOTE: As of May 2017 this is now obsolete. 

Please read our MAY 2017 UPDATE


A user could add products to a cart, see a discount code for $200 at checkout, go back, remove some items and then use the $200 code. However, we take great measures and automatically check every order created with a discount code to ensure the correct discount codes are being used. You will receive an email alert notifying you to review and possibly cancel an order if any discrepancies are found.

Usually this email alert is not caused by discount abusers at all but rather it is an issue whereby the requested inventory for a product is not available and reduced by Shopify during checkout (which we don't have control over). This in turn causes a higher discount code to be used. A fix for this is to alert the customer when a product's requested inventory is not available. We can set this up for you if you like also.

Recommended next steps are to either - cancel the order or contact the customer asking for the additional payment of the discount difference. 

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