How to allow additional discounts in conjunction with the wholesale discount

Most establishments, may it online or not, do not allow for other discounts to be used in conjunction with another discount like budget coupons or promo deals. However, if you want to allow it on your online store for whatever reason, you can actually enable it via the Shopify admin using the Wholesale Hero app. Here's how:

Step1. Launch the Wholesale Hero app and click on the Settings button from the left navigation panel.

Step2. Scroll down to Additional Discount Codes section.

Step3. Check the Allow customers to use a discount code box.

Step4. Click the radio button to choose if you want to apply the discount either on retail price or wholesale price. Let us choose the wholesale price at this point.

Step5. Click Sync Discounts to apply the discounts to the purchase.

Step6. Click Save Settings.

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